Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Charleston's Most Water Damage Prone Places

Let’s face it. Living in the south is beautiful, but it comes with a price. Heavy rains, storms, and hurricanes happen thanks to living next to the mighty Atlantic Ocean. This sometimes unfriendly neighbor can cause major flooding for people living in Charleston, South Carolina. Whether you’ve lived in Charleston for one year or 20 years, you know rain is as consistent as a batch of grandma’s sweet tea. So if you’re looking to move to a new place in Charleston or moving there for the first time, make sure you understand the most water damage prone places. Especially because hurricane season is right around the corner.

Here is how the level of flood zones are organized:

Moderate to Low Risk Areas: Shaded Zone x and Zone x
High Risk Areas: Zone A, Zone AE, Zone AH, Zone AO, Zone A99
High Risk Coastal Areas: Zone V and Zone VE
Undetermined Risk Areas: Zone D

You can search your specific address for flood map information here.

The most water damage prone places in Charleston are downtown for a twenty mile radius. This is mainly due to the type of soil and the closeness to the Cooper, Ashley, and Wando rivers. Outside of downtown Charleston, areas that are in danger of high amounts of water damage are West Ashley, North Charleston, Hanahan, and northern Daniel Island. 

The worst flooding in Charleston history was from Hurricane Hugo in 1989 that tore through downtown and annihilated most beach front property. Although it is rare to have a category 4 hurricane like Hugo, it is still a risk living in the southeast coast. 

People living in water damage prone locations need to have the proper flood insurance to cover any costs of damage ranging from destroyed insulation to flooded basements.  Sink holes can also be a cause of concern in these areas because of the high water table and unstable weather conditions.

If you have experienced water damage in one of these areas that is beyond a home repair, make sure you call a disaster restoration specialist in Charleston.

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