Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Make Sure Your Auto Extended Warranty Includes the Right Coverage

Car damage and maintenance can be an unexpected and costly circumstance. If an individual is planning on holding on to their vehicle for a good period of time, they should look into buying an extended auto warranty. This is often a great way for them to keep unforeseen expenses at bay.

It is also more of an insurance policy for their car. It can help people lower the cost of having their car repaired, but choosing the wrong coverage can have detrimental effects. Not only will it render their extended warranty useless, they will also have to pay the entire cost for their car’s repair. There are several important things that people should remember when purchasing an extended auto warranty to make sure that they have the right coverage.

Always Read the Hard Cover

Finding the best car warranty company requires research. People should not base their extended auto warranty buying decision on data that is provided in the pamphlet or brochure. They should always remember to read the actual car warranty contract in order to review the conditions and terms of the plan along with its coverage. This will help people make sure that they are buying a warranty that meets their individual needs.

Always Determine the Type of Coverage

When considering what extended warranty they should purchase, people should also bear in mind what type of coverage it offers. There are two types of coverage that an extended warranty should provide. One of them is bumper-to-bumper coverage.

If an extended auto warranty has this coverage, people should determine if it lists the items that are covered. This is done in order to determine if it is real bumper-to-bumper coverage. Usually, true bumper-to-bumper coverage does not list all things that it covers, and it is also exclusionary.

It means that it will only list some of the things that are not covered. The types of components that are not usually covered are cosmetic and maintenance items. Another important thing that people should look into is wear and tear and mechanical breakdown coverage. The majority of extended auto warranties will only provide coverage for repairs that are caused by mechanical breakdowns. Extended auto warranties that have tear and wear protection ensure that an individual will be covered for the parts that break down due to constant use.

An Important Thing to Remember

People should also bear in mind that there are a number of extended auto warranty companies that include tear and wear exclusions within their plans. These exclusions can be for a number of items such as valves, struts, piston rings and other valuable mechanical components that will wear out due to use over time. People should always proceed with caution when they are dealing with these kinds of extended auto warranty plans.

Specialty Items and Over-Heating

People should also determine if their extended auto warranty provides coverage for overheating and specialty coverage. Overheating can often be a common factor in a car’s mechanical problems when it breaks down. People should always make sure that their extended warranty includes damage that was caused by overheating.

Aside from that, people should also determine if it provides coverage for important car components such as early ABS braking systems. This is because these are expensive items to replace and repair. People should avoid extended warranties that have special clauses that exclude these kinds of coverage.

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  1. If you do decide to purchase an extended warranty though, don’t go halfway. There’s little point in deciding on a warranty, then trying to save a bit of money by opting for a plan with only partial coverage. You’ll end up paying for the warranty, while still having no guarantee that you won’t face a large repair bill. You’re better off getting a plan with comprehensive coverage.